whats happening this week 5-17-2021

by | May 17, 2021 | CSA, From The Farm

The warmer weather and sunny skies were a welcomed sight this past week! The sun allowed the very wet and muddy fields to dry up so we were able to move the tractor through them. On Saturday, we spent the beautiful day in the fields transplanting. Overall, we were able to transplant over 2,000 plants. ​

We first started with the zucchini plants. They were nice and big from growing in the warm and sunny greenhouse. Some of them already have flower buds developing. We cannot wait to see them produce big green zucchinis! We also transplanted some yellow squash.

Next, we transplanted cucumbers. The cucumbers are planted in a double row next to each other. We love cucumbers, especially the pickles for snacking! Cucumbers are a good snack because they are packed with nutrients but low on calories. We like to pair them with hummus or some ranch dip but our little helpers love them all on their own, picked straight from the field!

We raced against the setting sun to finish transplanting the peppers. These also are planted in a double row but we were able to do so on the back of the water wheel. We transplanted a variety of peppers including a new to us variety called Candy Cane snack peppers. They start out as green and white striped and change to red as they mature. These peppers were requested by our oldest little helper during winter while we searched through produce catalogs and we cannot wait to try them out! Be sure to look for them at the Farmer’s Markets this summer.

With all the warm temperatures expected this week, our little plants should flourish and be well on their way to producing fruitage.

Which are your favorite? Cucumbers, zucchini, or peppers? Leave a comment below and let us know!

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