whats happening this week 4-21-2021

by | Apr 21, 2021 | CSA, From The Farm

Spring time is always a busy time for us here at Haffey Family Farm. In addition to finishing up the kids’ cyber schooling for the year, we have been busy working in the fields! Thankfully, the weather has mostly cooperated with us. (Until today when we woke up to snow!)

This past weekend, we worked together as a family, planting onions. We managed to plant almost 2,000 onion plants that had been started by Jeremy in the greenhouse before the rain came. We still have about 7,000 more onion plants to transplant for the spring season.

Three out of the five us love to eat raw onions. The onions we planted this week are red onions – some of our favorites for salad, sandwiches or just plain by themselves! Do you like onions? If so look for them to be available later in the summer for delicious eating!

We have also been working on applying to Farmer’s Markets in the area to sell produce later in the season. Check out our Farmer’s Markets page which we will update once the schedule is finalized.

Should you be interested also in pre ordering produce, please be sure to check out our Farm Fresh Produce page. This page will be updated by season based on the availability of produce.

Also, we are looking to build relationships with other local Beaver County businesses, such as restaurants and food trucks. If you are interested in working with us, please be sure to reach out to us at haffeyfamilyfarm@gmail.com.

Thanks for taking the time to stop by and see “What’s Happening at Haffey Family Farm!” Look for weekly updates here. For daily updates, be sure to check out our Instagram page at haffey_family_farm and our Facebook page at haffeyfamilyfarm.

Leave a comment below and let us know what produce you are most excited for this season! See you soon!