by | Feb 11, 2023 | CSA, From The Farm

watermelon The perfect treat on a hot summer day

Here’s the thing if you grow up on a produce farm, you always expect fresh vegetables and melons. Something is always available during the summer months.  You just go out to the field and pick what you feel like for a snack. A favorite of our kids is watermelon but can you blame them? So sweet and juicy and perfect on hot summer days. During the winter months there is usually a freezer full or shelves of cans of preserved produce. But what about  when the kids want something you couldn’t preserve for winter, like ripe, juicy watermelons? Well, your five year old has a complete meltdown in the middle of Sam’s Club because he just doesn’t understand why his parents won’t buy him the almost $10.00 watermelon that won’t taste very good or the almost $7 pack of 6 of sweet peppers. 

Our recent trip to the grocery store had us all dreaming of summer months and the fresh lettuce, melons, berries and peppers. How about you? Are you ready for fresh produce? We are eager to move from snowy, icy, frozen ground to warm, soil turned fields. We have been working hard on making this season as productive as possible for our customers!

We have started planting seeds of kale, cabbage and lettuce. Our whole family eagerly checks each morning to see if any seedlings have sprouted. When the ground is ready, these will be transplanted into the fields and will produce the delicious produce we all are waiting for! 

We have been busy prepping to for a great CSA year and farmer’s markets season. We will be working with Health Hut in Chippewa, PA as a pick up location on Fridays for CSA members. There are also several other locations including any farmer’s market we will be at, Urbana Boutique in Oakmont and the Broken Plow Martial Arts (Pittsburgh Sword Fighters) in Creighton, PA. 

In addition to the CSA pickups, we will be adding two farmer’s markets this year. You’ll find us every Saturday in Oakmont and every Thursday in Wilkinsburg.

We know that the coming months will be busy but we are excited to be back and connected again with the land and you, our supporters. We are anxious to get back out there and feel the dirt between our fingers. Most of all, we are dreaming of those juicy, sweet watermelons! How about you? Leave a comment below and let us know what you’re excited for this coming season? 

All the best,
Kim Haffey, Haffey Family Farm