by | Feb 23, 2023 | CSA, From The Farm

Part of 2022 Pumpkin Harvest

Today I will be talking about Pumpkins. Pumpkins are funny looking, delicious, and large. There are so many things about them that people don’t know.

​When you think of a pumpkin what comes to your mind first? Most likely a round smooth orange vegetable, but Pumpkins aren’t just orange. They aren’t just smooth, and they aren’t just round! For example, we grow a variety of pumpkins called the blue doll. It is square shaped and a blueish green. We also grow grizzly bear pumpkins. They’re brown with big bumps all over them. My favorite variety we grow is probably the grizzly bear pumpkin because it looks cool and also are very interesting.

Are Pumpkins a fruit or a vegetable?

If I were to ask you if a pumpkin is a fruit or a vegetable, what would you say? A lot of people would say a vegetable but that’s not true! A pumpkin is actually a fruit! I was surprised when I first found this out. Pumpkins grow from a flower like an apple does. It takes about three to four months for a pumpkin to grow.

Pumpkins have health benefits

Pumpkins are also good for your health. One reason is because they’re full of vitamins and minerals that are good for your eyes. They also protect your skin and strengthen your immune system.

Pumpkins are amazing!

Can you spot the grizzly bear pumpkin?
Can you spot the grizzly bear pumpkin?