CSA Reviews

Happy Customers & Buyers

We love having a relationship with and supporting our local farms. We’ve enjoyed the variety of veggies and recipes provided.“- 2022 Member

Hubby and I were just saying how much better we like the variety, quantity, AND quality of the produce boxes than our former CSA. And thank you for the recipes too. They are great, and even if I don”t completely follow them, they always provide a jumping off place for some new idea. We love your farm!” – 2022 Member

“My first year and a great experience. I really enjoy the variety. Kim and Jeremy are great people too!!!” – 2022 Member

“I wasn’t sure if I would be satisfied with the program, but it has exceeded my expectations.” – 2022 Member

You all rock! There is no comparison.”  – 2022 Member

“Your produce can run circles around any produce on our local supermarket shelves! I’m happy to pay a fair price for locally raised, healthy goods.” – 2022 Member

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